Giclée print £150



Limited edition print dimensions 56x76cm

Each print is signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity


This warthog textile collage with embroidery was a commission from someone who has visited Kenya on multiple occasions and has a fascination with these odd looking creatures.


Here is what she had to say about this piece;
My fascination of the Pumba (Warthog) started many years ago on a trip to Africa. We sat on the rooftop of the Treetops lodge in Aberdares National park in Nyerie, Kenya. We spent hours being entertained by the furry beasts watching them run around the watering hole packing a punch when needed! We love the relaxed nature of them and they are surprisingly  fast when they need to be. It was fantastic to see Katy create our vision and the vibrancy of fabrics and colours she used and the tactility of the finished art work.

Dimensions 56 × 76 cm