Giclée print £140

Hippo with the sun on his back


Dimensions of limited edition print: 58x58cm inc white borders.

Each print is signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Lake Naivasha in Kenya is a wonderful place to see hippopotamus. We visited as a family on multiple occasions and would spend hours watching them from boats and land.

I was delighted to be commissioned to create one of these monumental animals in textile by someone who had grown up on the African continent and has a deep affection for them.


Here are her words about the art;
‘It continues to bring peace and happiness into my home/life – I can spend hours gazing at it. The hippo appears to absorb the light throughout the day- reflecting the changing light, bringing the hippo to life. In the morning it feels like the hippo is basking in the sun. By late evening she appears to be settling down as the darkening sky draws the night in

A true work of art that brings many hours of pleasure!’

Dimensions 58 × 58 cm